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Scandal: A hurt/comfort MM college standalone romance


Xander is a storm of contradictions, a shadow lurking in the corners of a world he doesn't quite belong to. Broken and depraved, he thrives on pushing boundaries, testing limits, and taking risks that could cost him everything. His scholarship dangles by a thread, his moral compass spinning in chaotic directions. This semester is his last shot at redemption, a final chance to escape the downward spiral that threatens to consume him. 

Enter Cameron, the embodiment of innocence in a place stained with privilege and secrets. Fresh out of the closet and wide-eyed with hope, he wears his heart on his sleeve and believes he can mend even the most shattered souls. As the son of the college president, he's embraced by the ivory towers that Xander teeters on the edge of, and he's determined to prove that love can bridge any gap. 

Forced together thanks to the random dorm lottery, Xander and Cameron find themselves sharing a space that becomes both refuge and battleground.  

In a world where their love is forbidden, where redemption seems elusive, can Cameron's trust and hope heal the fractures in Xander's soul?  

Billie Bloom

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