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Me Against the QB: A forced proximity sports romance

The finale of the Saugatuck hockey team is here! 

Bodie thought his homework was done when he graduated from college, but no such luck. His new assignment: prove to his dad he can handle clients by babysitting a wild NFL player in the off season.

Colby is a handful for any agent and he can’t stay out of the press, for all the wrong reasons.

Forced to stay in his agent’s summer home under the watchful eye of a young innocent ex-hockey player, Colby will seek any and all thrills available, even if that thrill comes in the form of corrupting a certain shy jock…

"Holy moly!! I seriously loved Bodie and Colby sooo much!! Bodie is charged with babysitting a new client, an NFL player who's a bit wild. Colby is that client and he's a handful! lol Bodie had his work cut out for him!! Opposite attract and forced proximity! Overall, fantastic, well written with great pacing." - Bookbub reviewer

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Billie Bloom

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