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So Far So Not Good: A standalone hockey comedy romance


Oliver’s life is a recipe for uncertainty as he stands on the precipice of graduation. Beneath his witty quips, Oliver longs for chances never taken and boys never kissed...a secret he guards from the watchful eyes of his beloved but traditional grandfather, Arthur. 

On the flip side of fate, Del, a rising star destined for the NHL, finds his dreams hanging in the balance. A DUI accusation, made while he was peacefully asleep in his beloved Winnebago, threatens to shatter his aspirations. In a desperate bid for redemption, Del turns to the one man who can salvage his future – Arthur Blackwell, a prominent legal mind with a legacy of achieving the impossible. 

But Arthur’s services don’t come cheap, and Del is tasked with the improbable challenge of coaxing Oliver out of his protective shell. When their connection intensifies, they can’t deny the searing heat inside them. 

As Del fights for his future, he unwittingly becomes a beacon of transformation for Oliver, showing him that embracing one’s true self is a journey worth every unpredictable twist. But Arthur, protective and uncompromising, stands firm against Del’s efforts to liberate Oliver from the confines of his closeted life. 


Get ready for a saga peppered with passion, humor, and heartache, where the consequences of breaking free yield both beautiful and chaotic outcomes. 

Billie Bloom

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